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Employers offers employers a number of services including advertising vacancies, browsing and purchasing job hunter details as well as general advertising opportunities.


Posting vacancies is easy for verified employers. allows you to post current vacancies via your control panel in real time detailing all relevant information including contact details. This information is available for job hunters to respond to both on the front page of the site, the vacancies section as well as being indexed in major search engines.

Job Hunters offers employers a list of job hunter details which are available for download using prepaid credits. Job hunter details are searchable by postcode reference and listed in order of recent activity with older less active candidates being trimmed off. This approach allows employers the opportunity to proactively browse candidates with regards to filling a wider variety of roles the employer might have.


To register as an employer click this link. Once you have registered your basic details you will receive a confirmation by email. Then, your details will be verified by our staff and you might receive a call or email to confirm who you are. Once verified you will be able to log in, post vacancies and search for job hunters.

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